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Encountering God in the Liturgy

The Story of Open House

St Patrick's and the Pandemic

St Patrick's Sessions

How can we use our creative gifts to spread light?

'Songs of Light' A live performance

How can we stay free in a digital world?

Does God really speak to us today?

How can we discern and find love in today’s dating culture?

My journey with faith & music in the Holy Land

Sue Ryder: a great Catholic woman

All Saints: Friends in High Places

The Mass: Feast of Faith

Mental health and faith: Pray it away, or a way of praying?

Authentic Friendship in a Divided World

Finding uncommon ground: positive dialogue in division

The creative nature of God

Distractions & Stillness in Prayer

Mercy & Healing on the Camino

Is Monasticism an answer to our times?

Can there be friendship without faith?

Lent Reflections

The Eucharist & the victory of the cross

What Easter teaches us about suffering & death

The Holy Spirit & Evangelisation

What marriage teaches us about love

The Priesthood & The Sacramental Life

The radical forgiveness of confession

Baptism & eternal life

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How can Mary be the mother of God? Q&A

What is the Eucharist? Q&A

Why is Good Friday good? Q&A

What is Holy Week? Q&A


Discovering Prayer | Conversations with God

Discovering prayer: Arrow prayers


Build a spiritual house in the world today

Eucharistic Adoration | Lasting union with God

'He now showed how perfect his love was'

Advent: What are we waiting for?

Male and female He created them

Rediscovering the Mystery of Marriage as a Source of Sanctity

Ever Ancient, Ever New