At St Patrick’s, Soho
22 June 2024

Dive into the inspired Word of God this summer

The Bible Summit will bring together renowned Biblical experts and teachers for a one-day event designed to help Catholics to encounter God in His Word.


Dr Edward Sri
Theologian & Speaker

Dr Edward Sri is a founding leader of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) and an adjunct professor at the Augustine Institute. He resides with his wife Beth and their eight children in Colorado.

Dr Sri has authored bestsellers like 'No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk through Christ’s Passion' and 'The Bible Compass: A Catholic’s Guide to Navigating the Scriptures' and has presented several Ascension Press film series, including: 'A Biblical Walk through the Mass' and 'Mary: A Biblical Walk with the Blessed Mother'.

Fr Emmanuel Mansford CFR
Franciscan Friar of the Renewal

After a life changing encounter with God at a charismatic retreat as a young man, Fr Emmanuel signed up to serve with NET Ministries from 1995-1998, before joining the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

Ordained a priest in 2007, he served the missions in England and the USA and was selected for the role of Director of Formation for the Community. He wrote his Master’s Thesis on “A Catholic perspective on Baptism in the Holy Spirit”.

Isabel Fawcett
Lay Evangelist

A lay evangelist and leader within the Emmanuel Community in the UK, Isabel puts her M.A. in Divinity to good use as the Local Leadership Coordinator for the Southwark Agency for Evangelisation.

Sr Hyacinthe Defos du Rau
Dominican Sister & Catechist

Sr Hyacinthe joined the Dominican Sisters of St. Joseph in 2000. A gifted communicator, expert catechist and biblical scholar, she directed the Formation for Mission Team in the Diocese of Portsmouth before taking charge of the Sister’s apostolate Light of Truth and is a popular speaker online and in-person.


Tickets for this Summit help us to cover our costs. We want everyone to be able to come, so we hope that there is a ticket which is affordable for you no matter what your financial situation.

If possible, we encourage selecting a Sponsor Ticket to cover the cost for someone else.


In the beauty of St Patrick’s Church and with a background of constant Eucharistic Adoration, the Bible Summit Timetable allows for you to enjoy times of prayer, good conversation and high quality inputs.


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