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Sessions is an opportunity to meet new people, hear inspiring inputs and have great conversations.

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Do I need to rest on Sunday?
Natallia Pearmain

Natallia, Assistant Editor & Production Controller of Catholic Truth Society will delve into the significance of observing the Sabbath—exploring the necessity of slowing down, savoring life, understanding God's directive, and offering realistic ways to achieve it.

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Do I need Jesus?
Father Toby Lees

Father Toby explores the significance of leading a life with Jesus—examining His essence and the profound impact He has on our lives.

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Saints and sinners... What's the difference?
Ruben Ferreira

Ruben, an acclaimed painter of sacred art, will unpack the lives of several Saints depicted in his works, demonstrating that the universal call to holiness can cause draw extraordinary greatness from the most unlikely sources.

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Forgiveness is essential
Fiona Whitehead

Fiona draws on her experiences as a wife, mother and university chaplain to explore what we can do when we've been wronged, why it can be so hard to forgive, and whether forgiveness is an essential part in moving forwards.

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Grab a coffee
Sessions take place in our coffee shop and we kick off by catching up with friends and meeting new people. If you are new here, come say hi!
Meaningful input
Hear thought-provoking talks given by inspiring thinkers, from friars to musicians and from artists to authors.
After that, it's over to you, what do you think? It's often in asking questions and having conversations with friends that things really come together.
Wrap up with prayer
To finish off the evening, you're invited to join us in the chapel for a moment of contemplation.
Who will you invite?
Have a friend who is searching for meaning or who wants to learn more about faith? Bring them along!