Street evangelisation

The street evangelisation outreach, aims to connect with people and extend an invitation to visit St Patrick's Church. Working in pairs, allows one individual to speak to the people they meeting while the other silently prays, seeking inspiration and guidance from God. The hope is to have conversations centered around Jesus' life and mission, God's love for everyone and the Catholic faith.

Our history

On 7th September 1921 Frank Duff founded the Legion of Mary. With a dedicated to prayer and apostolic works and devoted to Blessed Mary. They focused on the red light district of Dublin that was the biggest in Europe. His vision was for the lay people to serve their local parish alongside the clergy, this was very ahead of his time. Frank wrote a handbook that is the operational manual of the legionaries who would weekly meet to pray and also do apostolic works, which usually are evangelization, visiting prisoners or the sick in hospital.

The Legion of Mary has become the largest Catholic lay organisation in the world, which is in almost every diocese of every country and its headquarters are still in Dublin.

Frank Duff's vision

Frank Duff said that we were all called to be saints and the Catholic faith could help on this journey. He was a good example of someone who followed the Little Way, made famous by St Therese of Lisieux.

What is the Little Way?

It is one of the ways of going to heaven with no especially need of miracles, raptures, visions, martyrdom, nothing out of the ordinary but simply to do the little actions with great love, affection and great sacrifice as if it was to be done for our Lord Jesus Himself.

Frank's motto was "We can do nothing without God". He promoted holiness before even apostolic works. Frank Duff had a profound belief that sanctification was for everyone. He was convinced to bring those with no faith or little to the safety of Mother church. The shambolic action concept of Frank Duff permitted him to overcome challenges by doing small steps at a time, then little by little he could climb mountains to reach the top.

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