What does a Guided Prayer Week look like?

The Week of Guided Prayer (WGP) is a way of making a directed retreat in the midst of our busy day.

The WGP in our parish will begin on 19 November at 3.30pm at St Patrick’s Church with a group session to introduce participants to the format of the week, to give some explanation of praying with scripture; to spend some time on prayer together, to introduce retreatants to their personal guide for the week, to give any other information that people may need at the start of their retreat and to share some light refreshments together.

The retreat is Scripture based and participants are invited to spend some time at home daily reflecting on a particular scripture passage, letting it speak to them in their present life situation, responding to it from their heart and then coming to the parish or other setting to talk about their prayer experience with a trained Prayer Guide. These one-to-one sessions run from Monday to Friday and at a time convenient to the retreatant.

On Saturday 25 November at 11am everyone comes together again to share their experiences and to bring the week to a prayerful close. Please consider a donation of £50 to cover the costs.

You can be in touch with Sr Mary with any further questions you may have at mary.kenefick@psmgs.org.uk  

Spaces are limited hence it might be wise to apply sooner rather than later to be part of this new initiative to bring God’s blessing to our thriving parish.