At St Patrick’s, Soho
22 June 2024

Watch the inputs

We had some amazing speakers at Summits this year, from bestselling authors to inspiring theologians and from members of the House of Lords to monastic spiritual writers.

We filmed all of their talks so that they can help you to grow in your faith, wherever you are.

Videos from recent events

The wisdom of tradition

On Saturday the 17th of June we held The Wisdom Summit, a formation event designed to help people deepen their faith and to share the beauty of the Catholic Faith.

Throughout the day, speakers explored how the wisdom of Catholic tradition can help us to respond to the issues of our day, covering topics like faith & reason, politics, sex & marriage, life ethics and more. 

We were joined by bestselling author Sohrab Ahmari, Dominican priest Fr Toby Lees OP, political theorist Lord Maurice Glasman and many more speakers.

Growing in the spiritual life 

On Saturday the 29th of July we held our second Summit, a retreat day aimed at helping people to go deeper in their prayer life.This retreat day was led by renowned spiritual author Fr Jacques Philippe, who spoke on the necessity of prayer, how to make prayer fruitful and living in God’s presence.We also explored different ways of praying, such as Lectio Divina, discernment, Ignatian Spirituality and the rosary.

Powered by partners

Our Summits were made possible by partners who are invested in evangelisation and mission in the UK.

We are thankful to the Peter’s House team for their work and to the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom for their sponsorship of these events.

We were also joined by many great ministries, including The Catholic Truth Society, First Saturday, Catholic Student Network, Catholic Mothers UK, Pray As You Go and Clarity Life Consulting.