Fr Alexander Sherbrooke

Parish Priest

I am the parish priest of St Patrick’s, Soho Square - I’ve been here for eighteen years. I love being parish priest here because it’s a place where the gospel is very raw. The challenges facing the Church and the proclamation of the gospel in a place like this are very much in your face. Our church is a place of healing, a place of mercy, from which we reach out to many of our brothers and sisters.


Parish Associate

My main duties at St Patrick's revolve around organising and implementing our various outreach programs, where we work to foster a sense of community rooted in Catholic values here in Soho.


Outreach Coordinator

I am the Outreach Coordinator for St Patrick's, which means I'm responsible for all aspects of our volunteer-led activities for homeless and otherwise isolated guests, such as Open House, Breakfast Club, Film Club, Night Shelter and more. It is a privilege to be able to live out the Gospel through service to others, and I love the community and companionship we share with all our guests who visit us daily for food, fellowship and prayer.


Parish PA

I have been the Parish PA at St Patrick’s for nearly seven years. I enjoy my work very much as I find that I am in a unique position to organise our many outreach programmes which helps a lot of vulnerable people whilst also facilitating the smooth running of the parish office - so no two days are ever the same!